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Explore Berlin with a Local Guide Explore Berlin with a Local Guide

Please help me and my friends that are visiting Berlin in june to organize the places we want to visit based on their l… Read more

Yildiz May 14, 2022 answer

I was very impress by a particular building in charlottenstraße 50-51, and I would like to know the archietct's name. T… Read more

Helder April 23, 2022 answer

What is a good not overpriced club with good music in Berlin?

Pac February 15, 2022 answer

Hi! Im new to Berlin and looking to get involved in some projects and meet other creative engineers. I'd really like… Read more

David April 22, 2021 answer

Im looking for locals who would consider themselves to be very culturally educated in their own cities food and drinks … Read more

karis October 13, 2020 answer

Wij zoeken voor een kleine groep mensen met een verstandelijke beperking een local guide die Nederlands spreekt en aans… Read more

Rianne March 3, 2020 answer

Hello, we are having a night train Thursday night to friday and looking for a spot to kill some time on thursday late i… Read more

Jacky January 1, 2020 answer

Hey, My friends and I are looking for a place to go out for dinner in Berlin - near Kreuzberg/ Friedrichshain - on the … Read more

Rafaela December 27, 2019 answer

Hey! I'm coming to Berlin from 30 to 4/1. I'm looking for a nice square to spend the New Year's eve and to see the fi… Read more

Styliana December 27, 2019 answer

We're coming to berlin for the new years but its rather vague as what is best to do. The brandenburg Gate seems cool fo… Read more

Julia December 15, 2019 answer

We are visiting berlin fir the weekend and looking fir fun cosy bars to drink and catch up

Caitlin November 9, 2019 answer

Hello guys l need to change my apartment and l'll only take my clothes with me to the new apartment. Do you know any ap… Read more

Basak August 27, 2019 answer

Staying at Select Berlin Hotel Lange Straße 31 10243 Berlin Germany Looking for recommendations for nearby bars pubs … Read more

sandra August 14, 2019 answer

Hi! I’m working at a travel startup company Surprise Me. We create interactive self-guided tours in a mobile app becaus… Read more

Ekaterina July 23, 2019 answer

Hi! I am planning a trip to Berlin in October - i read that temperatures begin falling to about 18 degrees in early Oct… Read more

Serene July 11, 2019 answer

Hello locals, I'm looking for good fringe theatre/famous theatre one. Doesn't matter if it's the show will be in Ger… Read more

Adi June 28, 2019 answer

Hi there, I am looking to attend a supper club while in Berlin any advice on how I can wee what will be happening in A… Read more

mansi June 11, 2019 answer

I'm traveling to Berlin from July 19-22, and I'm looking to attend a musical performance of some sort. I know that the … Read more

Evan May 21, 2019 answer

Hi, i will be in Berlin with my husband between 3rd-5th of June for vacation. We're interested in meeting new people an… Read more

Sena May 6, 2019 answer

I lived in Berlin in 1993 and there was a Doner shop that was within a block or so of the Rehberge stop on the U bahn. … Read more

Jake April 29, 2019 answer

Hi, I'm looking for the best sneaker shop in Berlin - with large choice of shoes and best prices, it may be an outlet :)

Laura April 25, 2019 answer

Hello peeps! I'm completely new to Berlin, went there a few years ago with friends but disorientated at all times... No… Read more

Eva April 24, 2019 answer

I'll be visiting Berlin next weekend and would like to know the locations of the best board game shops. I'll be staying… Read more

Marilyn March 16, 2019 answer

could you please help to find the location of this cafe? May be you have some info from the internet... I can't find an… Read more

mia March 12, 2019 answer

Could you suggest a great Hip Hop club that you personally enjoyed partying at in Berlin? I found Maxxim but then I hea… Read more

Mathew March 7, 2019 answer

Which boroughs of Berlin have the highest concentrations of factories ? In which boroughs of Berlin is it the easiest t… Read more

An Inactive User February 25, 2019 answer

Hi! I have a question about Tempelhof area. I'm going to stay in Berlin 1 year. Is the area around U-Bahn Kaiserin-Augu… Read more

Saori February 20, 2019 answer

Hello! Which is the best destrict to stay during the Lollapalooza festival in September? (Olympiastadion)

Yentl February 20, 2019 answer

Hi! I'm a Dutch journalism student who will be visiting Berlin on 19 feb till 25. Together with another student we want… Read more

Jamy February 12, 2019 answer

Hi I'm looking for Berlin city pass card for June, 3 days including museums and travel. At the official website it's 89… Read more

Sena February 3, 2019 answer

hi all, im looking for fun, unique, quirky, hidden, unexpected things to do and see in Berlin. What is typical Berlin s… Read more

Sari January 21, 2019 answer

Must places to eat in Berlin (except curry 36 and Mustafa)?

chris January 21, 2019 answer

Where can I find not so expensive and quality German food in berlin.? (Not only currywurst)

chris January 21, 2019 answer

Value for money places to eat in potsdam

chris January 19, 2019 answer

Hi I am planning on spending 2 months in Berlin this Summer to try learn a bit of German, and I was wondering if anyone… Read more

Ciara January 12, 2019 answer

Hi all, I am going to Berlin with my 10 year old son in February. Any recommendations on what to do to get the most out… Read more

christine January 3, 2019 answer

Hello, Can you recommend a good bar/club to spend the new year? Somewhere fun where we can dance but not too serious… Read more

Edwina December 29, 2018 answer

Hallo zusammen! I‘m thinking about flying to Berlin Jan 5-6th, but 6th is a holiday and in my hometown, Vienna, everyt… Read more

Emma December 23, 2018 answer

Hallo guys ! Me and my 2 friends are going to visit Berlin from 31st December to 6th of a November. We’re looking for H… Read more

An Inactive User November 15, 2018 answer

Dear Locals, My friend, very nice guy is arriving in Berlin 18.11 and will be alone till 20.11, any ideas how can he… Read more

Mariam November 7, 2018 answer

I am bringing my boyfriend to a surprise teip to Berlin at the end of November. *Best italian restaurant in Berlin? *B… Read more

Tiina October 27, 2018 answer

Hello! We are coming to Berlin 23 until 26 december. Any tips for a good christmas eve dinner? The prices and cuisine a… Read more

Anna-Kaisa October 26, 2018 answer

Hi! I'm planning to visit Berlin for several days in October with a kid and a small baby. Could you please recommend me… Read more

ANASTASIA October 10, 2018 answer

Hi all could you please recommend any place for local food, preferably a place where locals themselves go. :)

Jeremy September 12, 2018 answer

Hello I want to learn how to make ceramic and this is my first time. Any advice? Thank you

Buse September 7, 2018 answer

Hello: I am in Berlin for a week, what are the nightclubs for age of 16 + ? Thanks alot

mike September 3, 2018 answer

Hi guys! Me and my friend are coming to Berlin on sept. 1st., and we are looking for a gay bar to go out to, that has d… Read more

Petar August 19, 2018 answer

Hello! Would you be able to kindly share with me some name's streets of your city that I'm visiting soon in mid-Augus… Read more

Nico August 7, 2018 answer

Which is the best Sushi restaurant in Tokyo for a couple?

I was hoping to buy some German mustard to take home as a gift for a friend. I'm not sure if it's common, so thought I … Read more

J July 7, 2018 answer

Hello all! My husband and i are planning a trip to Berlin in mid October for his birthday and since this is our first … Read more

effa July 2, 2018 answer

I saw that on one or two websites and I can't find any more information about it, everywhere. FIFA website and Visitber… Read more

Jhonathan June 10, 2018 answer

Me and my friendgroup are coming to berlin late july, but we have a problem. There is 12 of us and we are all some pret… Read more

katja June 6, 2018 answer

We are 2 students visiting Berlin in the begining of June we are 22yo. Any good suggestions for a cheap but cozy bar. A… Read more

Marta May 27, 2018 answer

am coming with 10 people to Berlin and we want to explore the city similar to a local, what are 10 days you would reco… Read more

Allan May 20, 2018 answer

I’m going to study in HU for a month and need to find a stay that easy to get the campus. Which websites or forums are … Read more

Pohl May 14, 2018 answer

we are a group of 6 x 60 year olds. We are taking the Sbahn out to sachenhausen and would like a suggestion to stop off… Read more

Ian May 10, 2018 answer

myself and 2 friends are visiting at the beginning of October and I am looking for some suggestions. I have a list of t… Read more

jackie May 3, 2018 answer

Hi, I'm visiting Berlin for the first time but only for a couple of days... Can you guys recommend me please of which … Read more

T April 29, 2018 answer

Hi, I’m coming wirh friends at beginning of may and we are searching for good and original activities to make for a bac… Read more

Xavier April 10, 2018 answer

Hi everyone I've been in berlin since December my husband had a job and we are searching for a flat but it seems that… Read more

Sandy March 23, 2018 answer

Hello Berliners or people who visited Berlin before. I visited the city a year ago and I fell in love with it. I want t… Read more

Cristi March 22, 2018 answer

I'm going to Berlin on saturday. I know that all shops are closed on sunday, so my plan is to go visit a lot of sightse… Read more

Christine March 21, 2018 answer

Hello, I'm going to travel for 3 days to Prague, any suggestion about the best place to exchange Euro to CZK, as I'm… Read more

Ahmed March 20, 2018 answer

I'm looking for a cafe in Berlin where I could find a Paris atmosphere.. thank you all :)

Stavroula March 16, 2018 answer

Hi all, I was thinking of visiting Berlin in the 1st week of April and am wondering how the weather is like and what… Read more

Serene March 16, 2018 answer

I would like to ask if there any bar or club with live turkish music in berlin Best regards,

Abdulaziz March 9, 2018 answer

We are a group of 10 and we are looking to get an authentic experience of your city. We would like to structure our day… Read more

Allan March 3, 2018 answer

Hello, Suddenly, my water heater stopped working, I'm trying to fix it, but if no is there engineers that can check … Read more

Ahmed February 20, 2018 answer

Hi we are coming over (4 men) for liam gallagher gig on March 5th and staying until march 7th. Ideas for after the conc… Read more

Wayne February 14, 2018 answer

Hi Everyone, I and my husband are planning a vacation for 10-12 days in Prague/Budapest/Amsterdam and Berlin (Will pr… Read more

Priyanka February 9, 2018 answer

Hi Everyone I and my husband are planning a vacation for 10-12 days in Prague/Budapest/Amsterdam and Berlin (March 8-1… Read more

Priyanka February 7, 2018 answer

Good morning Berliners ! I'm coming soon in Berlin with my father for his birthday, he's really simple, doesn't like… Read more

Audric February 6, 2018 answer

maybe some galleries, coffee´s, parks, everylocal recomendation, where to have a quiet smoke etc thanks a lot! DANKE … Read more

Natalia February 1, 2018 answer

I got a 60€ fine because I didnt have a ticket but when I tried to buy one from the driver on the bus, he said I didnt … Read more

Sara January 23, 2018 answer

We are a group of 4 looking for a Spanish bike tour on February 15th or 16th, any available? Anyone can help us? Thank … Read more

Pedro January 23, 2018 answer

Hello, I'm trying to find a place where I could buy a 5 gallon water bottle...I always see the normal/small bottle b… Read more

Ahmed January 7, 2018 answer

hello to all. if you would have to choose between the Mitte area or checkpoint Charlie for your hotel which would you l… Read more

shlomi January 4, 2018 answer

Cool spots (whether it be for restaurants, things to do or see) loved by locals?

Nathalie January 1, 2018 answer

hello to all. well be staying in dresden/sprewald on july. looking for a nice place to stay, around a lake or so & acti… Read more

shlomi December 26, 2017 answer

Hi guys, Im staying near Savignyplatz station and looking for some local pubs/beer places around. Any recommendations?

Justas December 8, 2017 answer

Hi guys! Im going to Berlin this Sunday but last week my boss cut off half my hours😧 so now I have to make this trip a … Read more

Caterina December 7, 2017 answer

Hello all, What is your favourite vaping (electronic cigarette) friendly cafe in Berlin?

Jack December 3, 2017 answer

I am local and travel agent in Latvia,Riga who is looking for tourism service business partner. Would like to get conne… Read more

Aurels December 1, 2017 answer

Hi! I'm staying in Berlin for a couple of nights over Christmas, I do understand that many places are closed during the… Read more

Annika November 24, 2017 answer

Hello, I want to study Journalism (master)in English and in Germany. I found only one university, its called HMWK univ… Read more

Sopo November 22, 2017 answer

Hello, if I want to buy a museum Jahreskarte in Berlin, do I need to bring a photo with me? Or they take a photo of me … Read more

Magda November 10, 2017 answer

Hey!!! i will visit Berlin on 14 of december for 5 days, i would like to ask if i should take a card for transportation… Read more

Άννα November 9, 2017 answer

Hi everyone, I will visit Berlin in two weeks, and among other things, I have a special interest in the cold war, as… Read more

Edgar November 8, 2017 answer

Hi everyone! I'll be visiting Berlin with my parents middle December. I've looked up on the internet for monuments but… Read more

Rita November 7, 2017 answer

Hi! I’m staying in Charlottenburg next friday and I want to go to spa/ massage / wellness center. Can anyone recommend … Read more

Hrafnhildur November 7, 2017 answer

Wo gibt es sie noch außer im Void und Gretchen?

Yan November 4, 2017 answer

Hello dear locals ! In September 2018, I am going to make a master (journalism) in Germany. I am searching universit… Read more

Sopo October 31, 2017 answer

Hallo! Can somebody advice me a good shop for artists? I need special markers with aquarelle inside in...

Alexandra October 28, 2017 answer

Hi, We are coming on Saturday for a 10 day, first visit, to Berlin. What are the best "local" non-tourist things to do … Read more

Andy October 24, 2017 answer

Für gute Eventempfehlungen in Berlin. Es gibt zwar massig, die meisten sind aber nur auf Massenevents ausgelegt.

Yan October 17, 2017 answer

Me and a friend are coming to Berlin on the 29th December and will be there for NYE I just want to know some of the bes… Read more

Lily October 16, 2017 answer

Looking to buy a print from a local artist in Berlin, only here this weekend.

Amanda October 14, 2017 answer

We are a groupe of 13 guys around 30 years of age. Visiting Berlin to see a Herta Berlin match and having fun. Any su… Read more

Ole October 11, 2017 answer

Ideally that knows a lot about History.

andrea October 10, 2017 answer

Hi would u suggest buffet type eating spot and nice pub and some activities? Best wishes from Lettland

Undīne October 8, 2017 answer

hi all! We are 3 late 30'ers and have got this coming weekend 3 night to do whatever we like. We love places to dan… Read more

jurgen September 27, 2017 answer

I will be in Berlin for 3 days from tuesday to Thursday I know there won't be much going but anyway I would like to kno… Read more

Pamela September 19, 2017 answer

In berlin from Boston, usa from 22-26. Running the marathon on the 24th. Would love some local advice on things to do. … Read more

b September 19, 2017 answer

Hello everyone. i am going to Berlin for 3 days and i am really big fan of small nice and cosy coffe bars can you sugge… Read more

Natalia September 19, 2017 answer

Hi there, I'm taking my boyfriend to Berlin for his 30th. We both love our beer and love trying out local beers wher… Read more

Chloe September 18, 2017 answer

What to do? Any suggested activities and any meetings? Keen on discovering the city and meeting locals.

Luca September 15, 2017 answer

I am going to Berlin from october 22 to 26th alone, if somebody wants to join me for tourrs, luch or plan to do we can … Read more

lorena September 13, 2017 answer

If I would like to hear musicians or bands, like troubadours, where should I go? Not the Irish style though... ;)

Karine September 13, 2017 answer

I'm going to Berlin 22-24th Of September and I will be very grateful if You could recommend me a typical places to eat … Read more

Monika September 11, 2017 answer

Meine Boulderschuhen sind vorne schon gut durch. Kennt jemand einen guten Schuster, der auch Boulderschuhe professionel… Read more

Yan September 10, 2017 answer

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Mate-Trinkgefäß samt pssendem Bombilla. Kennt ihr da einen guten Laden? I'm searchin… Read more

Yan September 5, 2017 answer

Where can I find a decent coffee place close to Ku'damm or Bahnhof Zoo?

Jan September 1, 2017 answer

Please help me to find any activity in Berlin with auto test drive (modern cars - BMW, Porsche...etc) with instructor f… Read more

Olga August 29, 2017 answer

I love techno but am missing Rnb and Hip Hop clubs like we have in the UK. Can anybody recommend any here in Berlin?

Monica August 28, 2017 answer

It is my best friend's 30th birthday and there are about 20 people who are surprising her in Berlin. I can't seem to fi… Read more

Monica August 28, 2017 answer

Hello, locals, Me & my friend are going to Berlin in September. What are the similar to airbnb services we can look th… Read more

Katia August 26, 2017 answer

We're coming early October for our honeymoon. We want an authentic experience away from the tourist scene if possible. … Read more

Chelsie August 25, 2017 answer

I heard that there are open air movies in Berlin. Is that true?

Bram August 24, 2017 answer

Hey everyone! I'm going to be staying in Germany for two weeks next month, do you guys have any tips for a girl traveli… Read more

Jen August 22, 2017 answer

Two friends of mine and me are travelling to Berlin in September. My friend's birthday is gonna be during our stay in B… Read more

Anna August 18, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! I'm heading to Berlin with my family next week, and we're going to stay there for 7 days. I'm planni… Read more

Mizar August 15, 2017 answer

Hey) There's the best places for raw/vegan? Maybe some local markets with fresh fruits/vegetables?

Katherine August 9, 2017 answer

You know those stylists who know **exactly** the look you want, and only need you to give a brief description to figure… Read more

Halcyon August 8, 2017 answer

1. where is it more central & convEnient to stay, kodumn plats or Alexanderplats? 2. Special ideas for family activit… Read more

shlomi August 8, 2017 answer

Contax,Yashica,Leica..this kind of brands are okey so which second hand camera shop is the best ?? or can I find cle… Read more

Merve August 6, 2017 answer

we're a group of 3 girls and 2 boys looking for things to do during our stay here. We arent too fussy with what as long… Read more

Milly August 1, 2017 answer

We're four girls studying art academy. We like to find small 'hidden' expo's, not in big galleries, second hand shops/m… Read more

Where is the closest store to railway station that i can buy a tent (simple pop up type)

Pete July 25, 2017 answer

Is there a way to find people who are willing to speak German? I came here to practice the language but people seem to … Read more

Heriberto July 25, 2017 answer

Hi! I have a gluten allergy and will be spending one day in Berlin this month. Do you have any recommedations for great… Read more

Jessie July 24, 2017 answer

Is there any supplement stores in Berlin, where I can find any supplement I want with at good prices?

Ata July 15, 2017 answer

Hey everyone! I would like to live in Berlin and i am looking for an appartment. Which areas should i avoid? Thank you!

Despina July 11, 2017 answer

hello, we travel to Berlin for the first time. we will stay for 2 days only , so we want to use some hop on hop off bus… Read more

karin June 27, 2017 answer

Hi! Is there any museeum about world war two that you can not miss?

Edit June 27, 2017 answer

Hi. I am looking to buy a german war helmet. I am especially interested in finding a Pickelhaube or a similar type of… Read more

Yannick June 21, 2017 answer

Wo finde ich außergewöhnliche Souvenirs?

Anna June 13, 2017 answer

We are organizing food trendtours in main food capitals in the world. The main goal is to bring our customers a bit clo… Read more

Lars June 8, 2017 answer

Considering the fact that I don't care much about nightlife and museums (usually I only like the strange ones), I'm afr… Read more

Débora May 29, 2017 answer

Hi there, my friend is getting taken on a surprise trip to Berlin for her 30th by her partner and me and a bunch of her… Read more

Hannah May 22, 2017 answer

I'm going to Berlin in July and I'd really like to enjoy some live music. I'm into rock/punk/indie music. Do you have n… Read more

Paola May 21, 2017 answer

Where can I get cheap souvenirs ( fridge magnets, key tags, mugs etc) in Berlin?

Mathurya May 12, 2017 answer

Hi , I will be traveling to Berlin center from Berlin schoenofeld airport. Can you please tell me how to get train or b… Read more

Hello :)) I wonder is there any cool market/fair specially for designers (accessories, fashion, etc) , that You can… Read more

Louise May 4, 2017 answer

So I've read this article about how Berlin has become the "post-tourism" capital of the world. In short, post-tourism i… Read more

Guilherme April 27, 2017 answer

So I've read this article about how Berlin has become the "post-tourism" capital of the world. In short, post-tourism i… Read more

Guilherme April 27, 2017 answer

I'm going to Berlin for the first time. And Know in some economic shopping center? Example H&M, regular stores for norm… Read more

Volkan April 26, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Berlin next week, and I know that Berlin is famous for its art galleries. So I wanted to know which ones … Read more

Guilherme April 23, 2017 answer

I'm visiting Berlin next week, and I know that Berlin is famous for its art galleries. So I wanted to know which ones … Read more

Guilherme April 23, 2017 answer

Me and two friends will be in Berlin in August. We are looking to do about a 5 hour tour of Berlin on one of the days? … Read more

Nathaniel April 16, 2017 answer

I am bringing my mum (71) to Berlin for the first time. I am staying beside Hauptbanhof. Any tips on getting around w… Read more

Allan April 11, 2017 answer

Hi I am planning a trip to berlin for my coleauges in that matter would I appreciate some incident tips to experience t… Read more

Anne April 8, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! I had a small question I hope some of you could answer. I am traveling to Berlin in two weeks with a… Read more

A.D. April 4, 2017 answer

Hi, I'm visiting Berlin for a week with a group of friends, arriving Monday (3 April). Are there any 1920s/30s-style ca… Read more

Paul March 31, 2017 answer

Hi, i have hotels provisionally booked on chausseestr. and alexanderplatz. Can someone recommend which location is best… Read more

Keith March 28, 2017 answer

Hallo I am here in Berlin for a week and looking for a local to drive me around and show me some cool places. Someone … Read more

Grace March 25, 2017 answer

Are there any "free" groups for playing beachvolleyball at the beach in Tel Aviv? I mean its really hard to come into a… Read more

Bob March 23, 2017 answer

Hey guys, Hope you guys doing well 've looked at my schedule and my trip to Berlin is coming on 27&28th of March . … Read more

Kim March 23, 2017 answer

Hi! I'll arrive at Schönefeld Airport on Tuesday, at 23:00. I would like to know if there are still buses or trains at … Read more

Alexandra March 16, 2017 answer

Hello there! So we'll be staying in the area of Neukölln, and although we are playing to discover other areas as wel… Read more

Fay March 12, 2017 answer

Hi Everyone i am preparing a trip offer to Berlin for my client. 7 Groups of 50 persons each. or 5 groups of 50 pers… Read more

Agnieszka March 2, 2017 answer

Hi everyone ! with my best friend, we are visiting for the first time ever Berlin from March 2 to 6, we would love to … Read more

Maggy February 28, 2017 answer

I have 8 full days in Germany this summer. Flying into Frankfurt arriving 15/6 I would like to spend time in Berlin an… Read more

Debbie February 14, 2017 answer

Hello guys, I'm coming to Berlin the 31st of March with 2 of my best friends. One of them will turn 27 and we want to … Read more

Camille February 6, 2017 answer

hello guys :) ! my name is Tania, i am coming in Berlin on the 31 december with my friends and we saw this club Ches… Read more

Tania December 27, 2016 answer

Hi, I am going to Berlin next Thursday with my wife and her familiy. We have already our list of to-do's during the day… Read more

Eduardo December 26, 2016 answer

hi guys ! im gonna come to berlin 9th of december, friday. i found lots of dj performences but i need good one. advice … Read more

Damla December 6, 2016 answer

I am arriving tonight (Monday ) to Berlin and I have a question to the local people that like house and techno music c… Read more

Anna November 21, 2016 answer

We are a group of 7 girls looking for a place to have dinner on a budget of max 40€. Drinks included would be ideal. We… Read more

Carlotta November 18, 2016 answer

hello, 29 november i'm visiting Berlin, I really want to know where some cool dancing clubs are to dance with my frie… Read more

r November 17, 2016 answer

Hi there, I'm from NZ and I'm travelling Europe for the next few months, my next stop is Berlin (17th - 20th November… Read more

Jen November 14, 2016 answer

Hi!! I'm from Brazil and for the first time me and my gf will be visit Germany. We are interested in arts, cinema, loca… Read more

Carla November 13, 2016 answer

Hey, My boyfriend and I will be arriving tomorrow 😄 it's my 3rd time in Berlin and his 4th so I was wondering if yo… Read more

Noa November 9, 2016 answer

Hi dear locals. I am Viktor from switzerland and I will visit Berlin a second time this month. So as you can imagine, I… Read more

Viktor November 4, 2016 answer

I am looking for clubs or bars in Berlin where indie music is played. Any suggestions? Many thanks! :)

Gréti October 29, 2016 answer

Hi, My friend and I will in Berlin for new year's, any advice of what we can do?

Abdi October 29, 2016 answer

can u show me the best city in the world?

Yurii October 26, 2016 answer

Hello, we are in 8 guys, the last time I was in Berlin we were in trouble about dancing really good music because they … Read more

Stefano October 13, 2016 answer

Hi, We are looking for a swimming pool in Berlin, we will be staying near AlexanderPlatz in a couple of weeks time. W… Read more

Penny October 1, 2016 answer

Hi there, I was wondering if there are any locals on Mitte, willing to give there perspective on what's it like to l… Read more

Rachel August 5, 2016 answer

Hi all! I will be in Berlin for 3 nights, and will have some time to kill usually during the middle of the day for a… Read more

Eitan August 5, 2016 answer

A while ago I was reading some (?) magazine with Berlin travel tips. I just don't remember what and where it was... In … Read more

Mikko July 28, 2016 answer

Can you let me know is there any good hotel to stay near Berlin Wall?

Snehal July 28, 2016 answer

I'm planning a weekend trip to Berlin but I'm afraid that on Sunday nothing will be open . Any suggestions please?

Leeza July 22, 2016 answer

Hi, I'm an exchange student here and I'm looking to plan a perfect Berlin day, a mixture of museums and chill places l… Read more

Rajvi July 15, 2016 answer

Best time of the day to visit - what to do for 2-3 hours

duc July 14, 2016 answer

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