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Not great
The bars and clubs we went to were definitely not the best in Berlin. They were mostly small places with hardly any customers playing cheesy pop music. The guide was nice but I really wish I hadn't spent my one night out in Berlin here as I didn't get to see any of the cool Berlin night life you hear about.
Berlin Pub Crawl
So good!
Was very nervous before I went on this with my friend, but you meet such like minded people of all ages, from all over the world! I would 100% reccomend the bar crawl & if I travel anywhere else I will be looking for one there! The hosts were great & although drinks could have been cheaper it was worth every penny! Lots of walking on uneven surfaces so wear walkable shoes.
Berlin Pub Crawl
Berlin Pub Crawl
We did a pub crawl with Mika as our guide and she was a sweet heart who was very good at guiding the large group of drunk people on the tour. She was down to have a good time with us but at the same time made sure we were sticking together as a group. Would highly recommend!
Berlin Pub Crawl
Tarek was our guide for this tour. His knowledge and enthusiasm were palpable. He is a truly exceptional and talented young man. I learnt so much on this tour. He guided us straight past the crowds and took us to the pinnacles of the displays, the best viewing areas, and explained so much about the history of the museums, the people involved in their construction / revitalisation following much of their destruction and how many of the artefacts displayed had found their way to Berlin. His knowledge and ability to impart that knowledge regarding individual pieces and displays we focussed on for the tour was astonishing. This is a true gem of a tour, exceptional value and I wholeheartedly recommend It to anyone wanting a really personalised experience in a small group environment. After being on this tour with Tarek I just wish we had had more time in Berlin to see more of the the museums. This tour is a memory I will treasure and has lit an interest for me personally to delve much deeper into history and research further into much of what Tarek touched on in this tour. Thanks Tarek.
Berlin Pergamon & Neues Museum Tour: Treasures of the Ancient World
Wonderful †museum‡ tour with Jamie!
The tour was of two of the biggest museums of the Berlin: The Pergamon and the New Museum. Jamie, an archaeologist and 16 years resident of Berlin, gave the five of us an amazing tour that ran through the lives of people in cities and empires from Egypt to Rome to Babylon. He describes places and cultures as if we traveled to see them with our own eyes. This is a fascinating tour as it combines art and architecture of these old empires with history of archaeology in Prussia, Egypt and the Ottoman Empire.
Berlin Pergamon & Neues Museum Tour: Treasures of the Ancient World
Pergamon tour with Jamie
I recently did the Pergamon & New Museum Tour with Jamie and had a fascinating time. Having a guide who told a story of both the modern and ancient history of the artifacts and how they meant different things to different cultures was a great experience. I learned a lot had a great time – recommended!
Berlin Pergamon & Neues Museum Tour: Treasures of the Ancient World
I decided to see the museums on a tour as I wanted to make the most of my visit with a knowledgeable guide and also get fast tracked into the museums. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour tour of these two museums with Michael. He is an absolute wealth of information, supplementing the exhibits and museums with pictures from his ipad to expand our knowledge. He hardly stopped talking all the way round but he was so interesting I hung on every word. I learnt so much about the Ishtar Gate, Egyptian culture, an explanation of the Greek courtyard in the Neues Museum, the damage sustained by WW2 with before and after photos, and much much more. Worth every penny!
Berlin Pergamon & Neues Museum Tour: Treasures of the Ancient World

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