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Customer feedback about Food & Cooking Tours in Berlin

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Not quite what we expected.
Ok, so to start with our guide Daniel was a half hour late and we were on the verge of leaving. First stop was a little micro brewery and Daniel shared some of his knowledge of the brewing process, he certainly knows his stuff and was able to answer our many questions. After that though, it was just visits to a couple of craft beer bars. We got a beer at each as part of the tour, and the opportunity to buy a couple more, and some croissants to share. The tour wasn't quite what we expected and not great value for the money. If it was a few euros cheaper, or if we had got to 'sample at least 5 beers' as was advertised, I would give another star, but still lose one for being late. Sorry Daniel!
Craft Beer & Breweries Tour of Berlin
Amazing tour
A talentet guide With much knowlegde about Food , Berlin and the History. We got Close to the locals en discovered many nice Places.
The tour ended in an amazing roof bar on top of a parkinghouse.
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Super good food tour
Couldn't have asked for a better food tour enthusiasts like Michelle. She had a wide spread of knowledge around all of Berlin whilst also showing us the hidden food gems which were a delicacy. Would recommend anyone in Berlin to join this tour if you love food and want to learn some history.
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Not terrible, but not as advertised
The food we did have was very enjoyable, but the tour itself was poorly organized. It was as if we were just wandering around a neighborhood. Our guide Michelle also did not give us a lot of information about the places we were passing by; for example, she explained to us that the needle in the middle of Berlin is the second tallest structure in Europe. When we asked her what the first was, she said she didn’t know. The rest of the tour was just us walking around and chatting, not really learning a ton of history about the area. We also did not visit the neighborhoods that were advertised on the tour. The advertisement seemed as though the tour would be about the food and people in the Turkish and Jewish neighborhoods as well as wider Berlin, but there was almost nothing about that.

There was a bit of information about Berlin’s urban counter culture, as well as a meaningful stop to explain a bit about the stumbling stones dedicated to the murdered victims of the Holocaust.

Again, the food was good, and the amount of food we had was good value for the price of the tour, but it was not what we signed up for. At the end of the tour when the group was going to a bar (which turned out to be a supermarket) we left.
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
Great food, great tour, great guide!
We booked onto the food tour with no issues at all, the guide merged us with another tour but made sure we were okay with this first and it was no problem. The tour is great, lots of nice food in places you wouldn’t normally head in as a tourist, dov the guide was very friendly, interactive and informative and kept the information light and interesting. The food goes without saying was excellent, dov recommended a place for schnitzel too which we tried and was amazing! Thanks dov!
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Great time!
We a had a great time on this tour. Would recommend doing it on first or second night of trip as it's a great way to get your bearings and find a few great spots. Learned loads about brewing processes and had a laugh with the tour guide
Craft Beer & Breweries Tour of Berlin
Wonderful Experience
Our tour guide was very good, personable and knowledgable. We visited a neighborhood of Berlin that I would have never found without this tour.
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
We went on a four-day trip to Berlin as a couple. We have been in Berlin a couple of times before and wanted to experience the city in a new way. We have been recommended to do a Berlin walk tour. Since we both love food and likes to try new Things, we chose the Berlin Food Crawl. An amazing tasting experience, which brought us through the multicultural city Berlin is. Our guide - originally from the UK - was an amazing person with a lot of stories to tell. She was easy to understand, and we had a lot of interesting conversations about Berlin and food. She brought us to visit the oldest brewery in the World, restaurants with Classic german cuisine and dishes from the middle east, all with dishes we never tasted before - mühlentashe, german pizza, currywurst and the best cake and coffee. We couldn't have wished for more and after the tour we couldn't eat a bite more, for the rest of the day. We will highly recommend experiencing Berlin in a new way - the food way!
Berlin Food Crawl
Very informative friendly guide
Berlin Sightseeing Essentials & Local Cuisine
Perfect guide and hunger satisfied
Dov brought great enthusiasm to the tour and everyone in the group was quickly engrossed. The food was all delicious - especially lunch, and we went back for second helpings of cinnamon whirls they were so yummy! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to see great architecture, enjoy some typical Berlin food and drink, and have fun along the way.
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 local Tastings - 5 STARS!!!
Wow, this is definitely the best food tour we have ever experienced. We have travelled very often to Europe, Asia, US and South America and taken a number of food tours in each city, but this takes the cake.
The 10 tastings were all fantastic and gave us a great insight into the history of food in Berlin, the impact of immigrants on the cuisine and Germany V's Berlin - so great!
Dov our tour guide was simply excellent and very knowledgable. He has lived in Berlin for 11 years and this is reflected in his knowledge and know-how of life here in Berlin and Europe.
We took a history tour the day before, but we learnt more on this tour about the history of Berlin from a historical, social and cultural perspective than the history tour the day before.

Our favourite (well it is hard to narrow it down) was the local Turkish restaurant, watching Turkish grandmothers create the tasty Gozleme. But also the fusion-fries trend was really special.

We cannot recommend this tour highly enough. A must do in Berlin!!
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Fantastic experience
Our tour guide Jane took us on a fantastic walk through some lesser known parts of Berlin, her knowledge of the history and the various neighbourhoods was second to none. Cannot recommend this Tour more highly. It was a great way to introduce yourself to a new city
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Fantastic tour
Dov was very knowledgable both on the food and history of Berlin - which was an added bonus for us. We stopped off at many different places, all offering something new for us to try. A really great experience that I’d certainly recommend to friends and family.
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
Jane was simply incredible.
A Foodies Evening in Berlin: Market, Trends & Local Beverages
Beer tour
Had a wonderful time - great group of people and great guide. Got to taste some great beers at places I never would've found on my own, and got some history and interesting info about beer and breweries in Berlin. Loved it!
Craft Beer & Breweries Tour of Berlin
Prost to Aussie Dave!
I had a great time on the Craft Beer Tour with Dave. My girlfriend and I have lived in Berlin for a little more than 2 years and we knew little about the beer scene here. It was great to learn something new about the city we live in and try some good brews and not so good brews along the way. (We weren't big fans of the sour beers, but it was fun trying something different.) The tour was just about 3 hours long, but felt much shorter as the group was fun and Dave kept the tour moving at a nice pace. We will definitely recommend this tour to our friends. It made for a great date night.
Craft Beer & Breweries Tour of Berlin
Wear elastic pants!
Fantastic experience, a bit of history and a lot of fun. Lots of entertaining stops along the way, fantastic choices of places to stop and have a bite to experience the spectrum of food in Berlin!
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
A nice day to know a friend and learn a bit of Berlin history and food
My first time in Berlin, I always want a not the usual touristy areas but know the place, culture, and food. It was nice to meet Jane, who is in the food business before and lived in Berlin for a couple of years. She gave me an open eye on how multi-cultured Berlin is and the kind of food available in Berlin is global, drinks loads of coffee, healthy, vegan ... free from culture, are all here. Kinda reminds me a very hipster place. Thanks, Jane and Dov ... I hope my next walk with you guys, you will have another interesting area I can explore!
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
The best way to walk, talk and eat
Had a wonderful introduction to the many different food and drinks available in Berlin. The tasters at each stop were enough so that one could happily continue the walk. The talking gave an insight into the separation and unification of the German capital. Highly recommended.

Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
The food was different and delicious, but most importantly each meal was presented with a wealth of information on how it tied in both culturally and historically with Berlin. The tour was set up to foster a lively vibe with games and interaction that made it more than just a learning experience. The tour delivers the history and culture of Berlin through taste!
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour

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