Prague is not only a charming capital famous for her hundreds of spires, but also a city with beautiful green spaces, atmospheric streets and great views at every corner. With the help of our local ambassadors, we’ve put together a list of 10 wonderful things to do and see for free!

1. Relax at Letná Park

Nico Trinkhaus Letna Park Prague Photo: Nico Trinkhaus – Prague in Pink | Czech Republic

For gorgeous views of Prague, head to Letná Park. It’s a favourite summertime hangout among the locals and is always full of people. In the middle of the park there’s a square with a huge metronome that’s visible from the city centre. It’s where the biggest statue of Stalin in Europe once stood.

2. Enjoy the amazing view from the Petřín Lookout Tower

Yannick Loriot Petrin PraguePhoto credit: Yannick Loriot

The Petřín Lookout Tower offers the most beautiful view over Prague. It’s a miniature version of Paris’ famous Eiffel Tower, but it’s only one fifth of the height. You don’t need to climb the 299 stairs up the tower for a great view; the views from the surrounding gardens are also impressive.

3. Find the Dancing House

Nico Trinkhaus Dancing House PraguePhoto credit: Miroslav Petrasko

Located on the right riverbank, the Dancing House is a unique building with quite an unusual shape. Standing among baroque, Gothic and art nouveau houses, it was very controversial when constructed in 1996, but people got used to it after a few years.

4. Take a break from sightseeing at the Franciscan Garden Franciscan Garden Prague Photo credit:

The Franciscan Garden is a small public garden hidden in the middle of bustling Prague right next to Wenceslas Square. With benches, trees and rose bushes, it’s a pleasant place to relax.

5. Don’t miss the John Lennon Wall

Avital Pinnick Lennon Wall PraguePhoto credit: Avital Pinnick

Graffiti started appearing on this ordinary wall in the 1980s as a protest against the communist regime. The communist police repeatedly tried to whitewash it, but they never managed to keep it clean as people kept painting messages of love and peace at night. Today, it’s known as the John Lennon Wall.

6. Feel the city’s history on Kampa Island

Thomas Depenbusch Kampa Island PraguePhoto credit: Thomas Depenbusch

Kampa is one of the most charming spots in the Lesser Town, offering a great view of the Charles Bridge. The secluded area near the Čertovka channel is reminiscent of Venice, and the 13th-century water mill nicely complements the historical surroundings.

7. People-watch on the Charles Bridge

Tor Bustad Charles Bridge Prague 1200x800Photo credit: Tore Bustad

Probably the most famous bridge in Central Europe, the Charles Bridge is a great place to people-watch and enjoy views of Prague’s top attractions.

8. Get active on the Náplavka Riverbank

Jiri Zraly Naplavka PraguePhoto credit: Jiří Zralý

After being renovated, the Náplavka Riverbank became one of the most popular local spots in Prague. Many people come here to stroll, cycle or rollerblade along the river, or to enjoy a beer and some dancing. Náplavka is the name of the area under the Jiráskův Bridge where there are several bars and restaurants.

9. Get back to nature at Riegrovy Sady

leon_barnard_riegrovy_sady_praguePhoto credit: Leon Barnard

With an amazing view of Prague, soft grass and beautiful nature, Riegrovy Sady is simply the best park in the city!

10. Discover the National Memorial on Vitkov Hill

Royston Rascals Vitkov HillPhoto credit: Royston Rascals

Vitkov Hill offers one of the most beautiful views of Prague. It’s also where the National Memorial and the National Museum are located. The view from the top of the hill is different to what can be seen from Prague Castle and Petřín Hill. Interestingly, this spot isn’t listed as a “must-see” on most tourist maps.

Opening photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko

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