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Krakow Communism Deluxe Tour and Nuclear Bunkers

Explore Nowa Huta, Krakow's pre-planned socialist district, in a vintage Trabant automobile. Visit a communist-era nuclear bunker, stop for lunch at a classic Polish milk bar, watch a small exhibition of real-life Communist items, try pickled cucumbers with vodka much more!
Duration 4.5 hours
Private tour available in English
Group tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 700 PLN per person
I can't recommend the deluxe trabant tour enough. Firstly Nova Huta is a really cool and unique place and not something you are going to see in other ex-comunist cities. It is a soviet version of paris rather than a string of tower blocks. Secondly our tour guide was really great and we absolutely loved driving around in the Trabant. The deluxe tour gave us extra time to explore and my wife fell in love with the Milk Bar pierogis.