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Krakow Crazy Communism Tour in Trabant

Explore Nowa Huta, Krakow's pre-planned socialist district, in a vintage Trabant automobile. Your guide will keep you amused with stories about how the average Pole lived, worked and played under communism, and treat you to refreshments at a local communist restaurant.
Duration 3 hours
Private tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 550 PLN per person
The Communist tour was part of a four day trip to Krakow, and was one of the highlights. Marieck our guide and driver was very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Driving around in an old Trabant, learning about life under communism was so interesting and left us wanting to learn more. The lunch at the milk bar was tasty and different. Would definitely recommend this tour and the guides. Thank you for an interesting and enjoyable morning.