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Lisbon Street Art Tour


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The Portuguese capital’s street art scene is a vibrant mix of local underground culture and international works. From the river docks and downtown Lisbon to underground passages and secluded suburban walls – together we’ll unveil the hidden art of the city!

Duration: 3.5 hours
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  • Admire artworks referencing the 1974 revolution at the April 25th Wall
  • See the blue faces that decorate the kilometre-long wall of Lisbon’s psychiatric hospital
  • Visit the LX Factory in Alcantara. Check out the Wall of Fama.


Lisbon features an impressive display of Portuguese and international street art. It’s on its way to becoming the urban art capital of Europe, with artists from far and wide gracing the back passages and river docks with their unsung masterpieces. Previously, it was full of boring all-white buildings, but these days you’ll find bursts of colour in almost every corner of the city.

Street art has been a big part of the local culture for a while. There was a tradition of all-white buildings until the 18th century, but after the 1755 earthquake, coloured tiles were incorporated into the walls and pavements of the city. Early graffiti was perhaps the poor man’s equivalent. Following the democratic revolution of 1974, this self-expression increased.

The artworks you’ll see on this tour are mostly a result of the Crono Project – a scheme that gives artists the opportunity to transform neglected buildings into true urban galleries.

Big-name street artists including Dolk, Blu, Aryz, Os Gêmeos, M. Chat, Remed and many more also regularly visit Lisbon.

What’s included & not included

  • Transport in a private van
  • Guide service

Meeting point

Lisbon Destination Hostel, Rossio Train Station

Reviews from travellers (15)


A great tour
If you like street art or if you are looking to discover about it, don’t miss this tour. Lisbon is full of incredible street art experience that are worth seeing. The guide was great and I really recommend it.
Awesome street art tour
This was the best surprise of our trip! The social-anthropological side of visitng the beautifully painted housing councils project of the north of Lisbonne is definately something off the beaten track! Thanks to the tiger van and her fearless driver!!
Lucy & Eddy
Great tour
The tour took us to places out side the city, with Rita the great guide that explained us the names of the artists and their style
The blue wall, 1 km of great art
Quintos do mocho, a neighberhood of 70-80 big wall amaxing works by portoguese and international artists
A nice guide, beautiful Street Art and interesting locations - great tour!
Great street art
Very knowledgable and relaxed guide, happy to customise the tour based on your preferences. We went to some areas that we couldn’t have done on our own.
amazing experience and memorable stories
This was truly one of a kind experience in Lisbon. A powerful combination between the undeniable talent of the street artists work discovered on this journey and the incredible talent of our guide who was a great story-teller, well-informed and extremely passionate about what he was doing.
And the places he took us to were not just like a secret-Lisbon that he unveiled for us, but picturesque and unforgettable places that he gave us access to.
I would strongly recommend this tour not only to the urban art lovers out there, but to all great experiences hunters of any kind.
Street Art Tour
Had a great day seeing the street art in the local neighbourhoods. Our guide was great and really passionate about street art. We got to go see some street art that we would never of found on our own.

Thanks guys.
My unforgettable street art tour in Lisbon!
Before I ordered my street art tour I was aware of the reputation of Lisbons street art, but I wasn't expecting to get amazed that much as I did during this trip. We were a nice little group who were interested in street art, so it made the communication really easy and interesting between us. We were picked up by our very charming guide Jose´ in his van and drove out of the city center where we were introduced to most amazing street art I have ever seen in Europe. Thanks to Jose´s very friendly, warm and down to earth attitude, I enjoyed my tour very much. His engagement in street art was genuine and he had very friendly approach to the locals where we have seen the most of the street art. That was specially important since we were taken to the earlier "troubled" neighborhood. This was a perfect way of exploring the Lisbons other faces. I would very highly recommend this tour to everyone who is interested in having a different approach to Lisbon!
I was so fortunate to have booked this tour! I was the only one on the tour and couldn't believe my luck! My guide was truly amazing and gave so much information about the art works. If you don't do this tour you will definitely be missing out on a unique side of Lisbon.
Inspiring and informative tour
Went to places I would never have thought of going to myself. I was very pleased and would recommend this to a friend (and anyone interested in street art).
Not to miss!
Being interested in street art we were intrigued by the Portuguese street art and the local artists. Fletcha was the best guide to help us understand the Lisbon street art. He is informed and knowledgeable about the different artist, their style no their development. Definitely must see in Lisbon.
A must if you like Urban Art
We would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased we were with the Street Art tour and in particular Flescha our guide. He was very knowledgeable about the current scene of Street Art, the artists and was fun to be with going around with him. We would highly recommend him to all future clients.
It was a very good experience. I give a 5 star. The guide was very enthusiastic en nice and and he showed and told us a lot.. Very interesting.. I will recommend it to others.
5 from both Teri and I. We really appreciated the tour. It was what we were hoping for.
Portuguese people have beauty, art and poetry in their daily lives. And it looks like this has been the case for centuries as can be seen from the beauty of Sinta and the lyricism of Fado. But coming to a more younger form of art, Lisbon is bursting with young thinkers who are using the generations chosen form of art to express them selves. Mainly street art. The street art movement seems to have found a place there. And seems to be supported and appreciated as a form of beauty and only done as form of expression than its commercial value. The young artists in Lisbon have a lot to say and they leave it all on the walls. It also attracts some of the best street artiest from all around the planet. If you want to get to know Lisbon in its current form and see how the young see it I recommend you do the street art tour as it made me fall in love with the city and they young energy which it is holding. Thank you Lisbon for being so beautiful and a place for the free thinkers!
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