Flavours of Georgia: Dinner at a Local Home in Tbilisi

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What could be tastier than a homemade meal prepared with love and care? And what’s more pleasant than the smell of unique seasonings, and the warmth of friendly hosts?

Duration: 4 hours
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Tour by Mariam & Levan
Local Guru

We’re a friendly, outgoing and positive couple with lots of awesome ideas on how to enjoy life fully in one of Europe’s best cities!

We were born and raised in Tbilisi, we studied here, we work here and we live here. We know its bright and dark sides, its pros and cons and its ups and downs throughout history. We consider ourselves to be true locals.

We have lots of friends from abroad and each time they visit we show them the real Georgia, from the Old City, historical sights and nightlife of the capital to the mountains and the seaside, along with our heavenly cuisine.

We’re also freelance travel bloggers and city guides. We offer unforgettable experiences and memories to our future friends.

We hope to see you soon in Tbilisi!

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  • Enjoy a traditional Georgian meal tailored to your food preferences
  • Dine with locals in their home
  • Take part in the preparation if you wish
  • Learn more about Georgia, its culture, and its traditions
  • Have an unforgettable experience in Tbilisi!


We’d like to invite you to have dinner with us in our home. The menu? Traditional Georgian cuisine! And, of course, it’s 100% personalised. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? No problem. Georgian cuisine has more than a few delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Do you have an allergy to a certain ingredient? Let us know in advance and we’ll sort it out. Want to take part in the preparation? You're more than welcome!

During the dinner you’ll learn more about Georgia, its culture, and its traditions. If you’re interested in participating in the preparation, we’ll teach you how to choose the best ingredients, how to cook them as our grandmothers did, and lots of secrets, tips, and tricks.

Here are some of the possibilities: khachapuri, khinkali, satsivi, pkhali, lobio, mchadi, tkemali, khashlama, gomi, mushrooms with cheese on ketsi, chakapuli, kuchmachi, eggplants with walnuts, gurian Christmas pie, wine, chacha, sweets…

Long story short, this will be the most memorable dinner of your life!

What’s included & not included

  • Dinner (menu determined in advance)
  • Pick up (within Tbilisi)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Homey Atmosphere
  • Transportation Back to the Hotel

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Reviews from travellers (23)


Best Dinner Experience Ever
This was the best thing we did in Tbilisi. Levam opened up his home to us and served us amazing food and culture. We couldn't have it enjoyed it more!
Georgian Cuisine at its' Finest!
We absolutely loved our evening with Levan and Mariam sampling several of the dishes we had tried on our two week trip around Georgia and helping out with the cooking too! We were also able to try out a couple of new things which was great as the walnut sauce was a delight.
Levan and Mariam were very accommodating and we were able to select the key dishes we wanted to make with them including churchkhela which was apparently a first request!
The whole experience was fantastic and with more food than we could ever eat and all washed down with homemade wine we left with full bellies and fond memories. We are so pleased we went for this experience and would fully recommend it to anyone staying in Tbilisi who appreciates Georgian food.
Meal with Levan in Tbilisi
We had a wonderful evening with Levan, Asmat and Levan’s mother. They all contributed to the cooking of the many delicious dishes we ate. The whole evening went well from the pick up at our hotel to the taxi ordered to take us back. The conversation was interested and informative about all things Georgian! A great experience.
Amazing Experience
This is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. Miriam and Levan were excellent host and the cooking/dining experience was simply amazing! The ingredients were so simple yet the flavor that came out of it was mind blowing. They even make their own red/white wine and chacha, which were all incredible. I cannot say enough how thankful I am to experience a Georgian Supra.
So great!
My boyfriend and I had the most amazing evening. The food was excellent, the wine was delicious, everything was homemade... but the conversation was the best part! Such a lovely couple. You'll have a wonderful time!
Most fun way getting to know Georgia
So much fun. Learning about history, culture and gastronomy, while just having a good time. Like being invited over by a friend.
A great experience that we won’t forget!
We had a great time with Mariam & Levan. We learned a lot about Georgian food, culture and how to cook several dishes.

The thing that i appreciated the most was the communication before the evening. We had some specific request and there was no problem for them to adjust the menu after our needs.

Thy have a good level of English and it was nice to see a Georgian home and Mariam’s family.

I have only good things to say and highly recommend them :)
Like going to a friend's place
This experience is probably the most since and authentic experience we had in Georgia. Great food, but mostly its really about the warm welcome that Mari and Levan gave to us. Highly recommended to those seeking for everyday experience in Tbilisi, and those who seek for great conversations.
Highly recommended!!
Mariam and Levan are an extremely welcoming couple- really made us and our 6 yr old feel at home. We joined in when dinner was being prepared- super fun experience. Nice to see how most of the ingredients are home made!! This experience was certainly the highlight of our stay in Tbilisi. The atmosphere, the dinner itself, the hosts and their stories make this a highly recommended experience.
Like visiting old friends
We loved everything about this experience - the hosts Mariam and Levan were so welcoming and made us laugh a lot, the food and homemade wine was delicious and we so enjoyed helping prepare the food, learning about your lives and about Georgia, thankyou so much x
Authentic experience with Miriam n Levan
We really love the dinner with Miriam and Levan who are very friendly :))) The best thing was we can do the cookings together, learning the traditional way of doing traditional cuisine, Miriam even asked her mom to share with us tips, it was a great fun! We also had great chats which we knew much more about Georgian culture and society.
Highly recommended!
Levan and Mariam are such a lovely couple! We joined them for cooking and they taught us the secrets to perfect Georgian dishes. The food was exceptional and the company was even better. We had a great evening, learning about life and tradition in Georgia and just enjoying ourselves. A true authentic local experience. Don't miss out!
Highly recommended!
We spend our last night in Georgia (our trip took two weeks) with Mariam and Levan and had a great time. Most Georgians are very hospitable, but because of the language barrier, having a more in depth conversation can be difficult. Mariam and Levan speak perfect English, so we really got the chance to discuss our observations and ask them about Georgian food, culture and history. We 'helped' with the cooking (meaning we mostly drank wine and cut some vegetables) so will hopefully be able to try some dishes at home.

Thanks again for a great night!
Fantastic experience
Great dinner, very interesting people, amazing time filled with delicious food, wine, cha-cha and quality conversations. Highly recommended!
What a wonderful experience
Mariam and Levan invite you into their home, they cook up the most delicious food for you and even travel to other regions of Georgia to get wine and ChaCha, which the Georgians drink themselves and which you can not buy in the supermarket.
About 5 min after you meet your two hosts, you feel as if you have known them for your entire life.
It was a fantastic and unique experience in Tbilisi and when I come back, I'll book dinner with them again. Yes- it was that nice and it was that good!!!!
Flavours of Georgia
It was an amazing dinner time. Mariam and Levan are not only highly knowledgeable of their city and heritage; but also of the importance to take visitors through a more in depth experience on Georgian flavours. They are both excellent guides and hosts, great people to hang out with.
We highly recommend this experience to those seeking a less touristy type of event, whereby you can experience the local culture full fledge through its culinary traditions. A great idea, greatly executed by Mariam and Levan.
Keep it up!
Great time! Highly recommend!!!
We had a lovely time meeting with Mariam and Levan and Mariam's family! Mariam's mother showed us how to make khinkaki and kachapuri, and we felt so welcomed into their home.
Best Night of Our Trip!
Mariam and Levan were hosts from heaven, amazing, caring, thoughtful people. They made their home our home and shared so much of their culture and lives with us, it was easily the best night of our entire trip!
What an Amazing Experience
I had a wonderul opportunity to be invited by Marian and Levan for dinner.

We started at 4pm with dinner preparation to which I was able to learn how to make some of my favorite Georgian food - eggplant with walnuts, baje.

Had a delightful conversatiob with Mariam and Levan and I get a chance to drink from the horn.

What an amazing experience!!!
Amazing dinner!
I had some amazing foods prepared by the hosts at their place. They are both very friendly, great cooks, and good storytellers about Georgia and Tbilisi. It is such a unique experience to socialize with the locals and get a much better sense of their story and this great city of Tbilisi. I think it is well worth treating yourself to this tour. The food and wine were delicious!!!!
Interesting experience with locals
Mariam and Levan are a lovely example of a young Georgian generation: they are proud of their country, its history and love to present it to foreigners. Extra benefit is a fresh food prepared in front of you 👍
Thank you Levan and Mariam, kind regards from Slovakia 🙂
Highlight of our two week visit to Georgia!
What an amazing experience. My sister and I were invited into Levan's grandmother's home - several floors up in a tower block just north of the centre of Tbilisi. They asked us to let them know which dishes we would like to make the day before, and they gathered all of the ingredients and had spent time preparing things so it was all ready. We made a feast fit for a king! Operating out of a small kitchen, which was fun and traditional! Levan had homemade qvervi wine as well as chacha and soft-drinks, and we sat and talked, and drank and ate the food for hours. Further members of Levan's family turned up, his mother, and his grandfather, and it was quite magical to meet three generations of Georgians, surrounded by incredible food and drink!

If you are visiting Tbilisi and are considering this "tour", don't hesitate, it was heartwarming, memorable, and I even made my first Georgian walnut paste last week to great success.

Thanks guys
Dan & Emma.
A great experience with friendly & fun hosts!
We (2 Americans, late 20s) were not sure what to expect - but this turned out to be a wonderful addition to our trip itinerary! Mari and Levan are fabulous hosts who were excited to share their culture & experiences with us over the course of a delicious meal.

Levan picked us up from our hotel and brought us to Mari's home, where they had prepared an amazing meal - probably the best we had on our trip - with plenty of wine as well. We had requested a vegan menu, and they did a nice job of accommodating that request. We had a lovely evening chatting about their lives growing up in Georgia, sharing our questions & observations, and asking them a LOT of questions about their beautiful country.

At the end, Mari's father drove us to the funicula for an evening view of the city - it was a great way to cap off the evening. We can't recommend Mari & Levan more highly; they're genuine and hospitable hosts (with some awesome food too!). We were their first dinner guests, and we hope they get many more through this site!

Mari/Levan - Thanks again for a great evening!
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